Raise a Sim from the Dead: The Sims Checklist Challenge

More lucky timing for my Sims 4 “24 While 24” Checklist Challenge! I have auto-age turned on for all households in my game, which means they grow and make weird choices all on their own when I’m not looking.

sims 4 sad firefighter in high school bathroom

For example, at one point, Morgan became a sad firefighter. I found out when they stopped by Henry’s school and stood in the bathroom for no reason.

As I played Henry, he kept getting the “Sad” moodlet from “death of a loved one,” but the game never told me who died. The first time I investigated, it was one of the horses from the previous household. After that, I just assumed it was another pet, or the Meat Wall, or something.

Imagine my surprise and sadness to discover Morgan Spline passed away. RIP, my sweet non-binary Sim! I originally made Morgan as a disposable Sim to play a Scenario, but I fell immediately in love and used them to start a new legacy.

Meanwhile, as Henry leveled up his Spellcasting ability, he learned the dedeathify and necrocall spells. Very handy, that!

First I had to find Morgan’s tombstone. This took longer than it should have, because it was “hiding” inside a stack of three other horse tombstones. Once I had the tombstone, I had Henry cast the necrocall spell to summon Morgan’s ghost.

sims 4 realm of magic necrocall spell to summon the dead

Next, I had Henry cast dedeathify on Morgan. When it worked, Henry paused to smirk for a moment. I let him. This seemed like a valid time to gloat.

sims 4 smirking spellcaster

Then Henry gave Morgan a big “welcome back from the dead” hug.

sims 4 family hug

Who knew it could be so easy!

sims 4 checklist challenge

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