Sims 4 In the Moodlet Scenario Guide

Sims 4 In the Moodlet scenario

The Sims 4 In the Moodlet Scenario is a permanent challenge which is rated “Easy.”

In this Scenario, your Sim gets a constant stream of negative Moodlets from their entry-level job in the Retail career. Your job is to counteract these moodlets by putting your Sim in the specified emotional states.

NOTE: You can complete this Scenario even if you quit your job. Your Sim will continue to get negative job-related Moodlets.

sims 4 angry painting


This Scenario requires one (and only one) Sim Young Adult or older.

This challenge is not compatible with a household with multiple Sims.

Your Sim will start the Scenario as a level 1 Retail employee (Shelf Stocker) earning $33/hour with 3 vacation days.

Scenario Goals

  • Get into a positive Emotion 1 time.
  • Get into a more intense Emotional state (have multiple Moodlets from the same category.)
  • Create 5 emotional paintings.
  • Enable the Emotional Aura on an emotional object.
  • Calm an Angry Sim down.
  • Share Insecurities or Tell a Self-Deprecating Joke to another Sim while Embarrassed.
  • Take a shower while Uncomfortable.
  • Call the Sadness Hotline or Cry it Out while Sad.
  • Vent or Complain about Problems to another Sim while Tense.

Scenario Rewards

Four of each of the following Moodlet potions:

  • Confident Potion
  • Energized Potion
  • Flirty Potion
  • Focused Potion
  • Happy Potion
  • Inspired Potion

NOTE: You can sell these potions, but they have $0 value, so there’s not much point.

Scenario Tips and Troubleshooting

Find an angry Sim to calm down

It counts if your Sim calms themselves down. Wait until your Sim gets the Angry moodlet. Then click on a mirror and have them “Calm self down.”

How to embarrass a Sim

The easiest way to put your Sim into a state of embarrassment is to have them wet themselves. The fastest route to a loss of bladder control is to have them on their home lot. This lets you lock the bathroom doors to keep them out.

In the Moodlet Playthrough