Sims 4 Explore the Night Scenario Guide

Sims 4 explore the night scenario

The Sims 4 Explore the Night Scenario was available from June 23, 2022 to July 8, 2022. Thematically related to the Werewolves Game Pack which was released at the same time, the Explore the Night Scenario was rated “Hard,” and was compatible with an existing household, even those with multiple Sims.

sims 4 making coffee

Scenario Rewards

“Seldom Sleepy” aspiration reward for every member of the household.

Scenario Goals

  • Stay awake for 5 days
  • Befriend a Ghost and invite them to join your household
  • Brew and drink coffee
  • Drink a Sleep Replacement potion
  • Work night shifts (3)
  • Acquire the Night Owl Trait
  • Order a drink at a Nightclub, Lounge, or Bar at Night

Scenario Tips and Troubleshooting

Does everyone have to stay awake?

No. I have confirmed that only one member of the household has to stay awake for 5 days. The other household members can sleep.

Satisfaction Points

This Scenario requires the use of a lot of Satisfaction points. You have to buy the Night Owl trait (1,000 Satisfaction points) and will probably want to use a lot of Moodlet Solver (500 Satisfaction points per dose).

If you choose to start with a brand-new Sim, start earning Satisfaction points as early as possible.

How to keep your Sim awake for 5 days

Always have a Sleep Replacement Potion (400 Satisfaction points) in your inventory. This potion is the best way to keep your Sim awake.

DO NOT use the Need Fixer Serum to keep your Sim awake. This serum has about a 1 in 10 chance of making your Sim instantly fall asleep.

Don’t let your Sim do the following activities, due to the risk of falling asleep:

  • Take a bath
  • “Cry it out”
  • Woo Hoo

Choose the Criminal career. This career starts you on the night shift from the beginning. Other careers the game recommends (like Entertainer) don’t move you to night shift until you have advanced in the career.

Befriending a ghost

Choose the “Spooky” Lot Trait to attract ghosts to your lot. Enter Build Mode, click the Venue Info icon in the upper left-hand corner, open the Traits Panel, click the Lot Challenges icon, and select Spooky.

Ghost won’t join my household

For a ghost to join your household, your relationship with them must be at 100%.

TIP: The easiest and fastest way to max out a relationship with someone is to take a bunch of photos of them. Sims love to be photographed!

Sims 4 Explore the Night Scenario Playthrough