Explore the Night Scenario Playthrough 2: Frustration!

Keeping my Sim up for five nights for the Sims 4 Explore the Night Scenario turned out to be easy. That is, once I realized you can have another Sim in the household buy the potion and “Place in world” for the other Sim to drink.

Sims 4 waving to a ghost

Also, I was using the pre-existing family I’ve been playing for a long while. Both Sims had lots of Satisfaction points built up. (I never remember to spend them.)

Sims 4 selfie with a ghost

The part I found most challenging was inviting a ghost to join your household without using cheats. The clock was ticking: I only had a few more real-world days before the challenge ended. Let’s get this moving!

Sims 4 ghost selfie

I’ve spent kind of a lot of time playing The Sims 4, but I’m still learning new things. Here’s what I learned about ghosts this week:

  • If you friend them, they don’t show up in your list of Sims you can call or invite over.
  • After you meet a ghost, they appear in your Relationship panel. But unlike living Sims, you can’t click on their icon and call them or invite them over.
  • The “invite to join household” option will only appear when the ghost spawned on your lot. (This may be a bug?)
  • The only way I was able to invite a ghost onto my lot was to have them join a club, then hold a club meeting on the lot.
    • I wasn’t able to “invite to join household” even though this ghost had a 100% relationship score with my Sim.
    • The idea of inviting a ghost to join your book club is very funny. I love this game.
Sims 4 ghost arriving for book club

When I started this challenge, I added the “Spooky” trait to my lot. This trait gives a random chance a ghost will spawn on your lot at night. While Peppino was working night shift, I put Audrey in charge of friending ghosts. Every night I zoomed out and watched their lot for ghosts, and every night the ghosts failed to show.

After several frustrating false starts trying to lure an external ghost onto our lot to join our household, I realized I had only one option: Murder.

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