Explore the Night Scenario Playthrough 3: MURDER.

Sometimes if you want something to get done, you have to do it yourself. In this case: making a ghost on my lot so I can complete the Sims 4 Explore the Night Scenario.

Hey, what’s that new shed back there?

sims 4 Cordelia's hideaway plus murder shed

This lot is Cordelia’s Secret Cottage in Henford-On-Bagley. A+ work by whoever designed this lot, the only thing it was missing was a murder shed.

Every quaint rural cottage needs a murder shed out back, right?

Let’s get this murder party started. First, I loaded up the shed with a fireplace and as many flammable objects as I could find.

sims 4 murder victim to be

Next, I invited over the first person on Audrey’s contacts list.

sims 4 murder shed

I baited the murder shed with grilled cheese, lit the fireplace, locked the door, and waited for nature to take its course.

But wait! The “Spooky” lot trait finally caused a ghost to spawn on our lot!

sims 4 ghost posing for photo

I had Peppino take a bunch of pictures with her.

sims 4 selfie with ghost

Soon they were at 100% friendship score…

sims 4 selfie with ghost

And success! I invited her to the household.

sims 4 playable ghost

But wait, what about the woman in the murder shed?

Sorry, ma’am. You’re free to go.

With that, I completed the Scenario, and each member of the family got the “Seldom Sleepy” trait as a reward. Just in the nick of time, too, because this was a limited-time challenge which ended the next day.

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