Sims 4 Cook Out Scenario Guide

Sims 4 Cook Out Scenario

The Sims 4 Cook Out Scenario is a limited-time challenge available from June 23, 2022 through September 2, 2022. Designed as a summer celebration, the Cook Out Scenario is rated “Easy,” and is compatible with an existing household, including households with multiple Sims.

Sims 4 ham dinner

Scenario Rewards

5,000 Satisfaction Points for each member of the household.

Scenario Goals

  • Buy a Grill.
  • Buy an optional Cook Out object (Bar, Stereo, or Got Game Table).
  • Catch Fish for grilling.
  • Make Excellent quality BBQ Ribs Plate on the Grill (Note: This requires Cooking level 7).
  • Make an Excellent quality Fried Fish Plate (Note: Must be “Party Size”).
  • Raise your Comedy Skill to 4.
  • Level up your Cooking Skill to 7.
  • Host a Cook Out! (Note: Must be a “goaled event.”)

Scenario Tips and Troubleshooting

Can’t find the recipe for BBQ Ribs Plate

The recipe for BBQ Ribs Plate appears on the Grill menu after you hit Cooking level 7. Unless you have the “Simple Living” lot challenge (see next).

Recipe for BBQ Ribs and Fried Fish Plates not showing up on the Grill menu

If you have the “Simple Living” lot trait enabled, these recipes will not be available. You will not be able to complete this Scenario unless you disable the “Simple Living” lot challenge.

I made an Excellent quality Fried Fish Plates, but it isn’t counting towards my Scenario

Only the “Party Size” fish plate (serves 8) counts towards the Scenario. The smaller servings don’t work.

I hosted a Cook Out but it didn’t count towards my Scenario

When setting up the Cook Out event, you have to specify this is a “goaled event.” You only need to complete the main goal (which is to host the Cook Out). Don’t worry about the other goals.

Don’t end the event early. Let the timer run out on its own. When the event ends, you get credit for the Scenario.

Sims 4 Cook Out Scenario Playthrough