Cook Out Scenario Playthrough 2: The Cookening

I forgot I named one of my Sims 4 chickens after my friend Molly. Imagine my startled horror when the game informed me that she died!

Sims 4 blog dead chicken friend
I immediately sent her this Snapchat. I was so rattled, I didn’t take a proper screenshot. Luckily, she was able to screenshot the Snapchat and send it to me. Now this moment can live on forever in Splines history.
Sims 4 Grim Reaper takes chicken

Also please don’t ever let me name a Sims animal after a real-life friend again. When I saw the pop-up notification, I made a strangled yelp so alarming that Marshall asked if I was okay.

Anyway, on with the Cook Out Scenario! Audrey was already level 6 in the Cooking skill, so it didn’t take much for her to hit the required level 7.

Sims 4 ham dinner

I made her cook meal after meal, most of which ended up being left out at room temperature at random places around the house. Yum.

Sims 4 pasta primavera

After I checked that item off the Scenario list, the next step was to cook Excellent quality BBQ Ribs on the grill.

Note: BBQ Ribs Plate only appears as a barbecue grilling recipe after you hit level 7 of the Cooking skill. The Scenarios UI window is confusing, because the items are out of order. You need to level up to 7, then you can cook the ribs.

While Audrey was cooking up a storm of ham dinners and party-size Pasta Primavera, I set Peppino to work on the next item: Comedy skill level 4.

Sims 4 practicing comedy skill on a microphone

This didn’t take long. Which is good, because can you imagine if your real-life neighbor set up a microphone in front of their house and started practicing comedy routines all day?

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