Cook Out Scenario Playthrough 3: The Epic Conclusion

Made a mistake with my first Sims 4 cook out. I didn’t realize it needed to be a “goaled event” to qualify for the Cook Out Scenario. Thus, the cook out my Sims threw at 6:15 a.m. didn’t count.

Each cook out event lasts 10 hours, so by the time I realized my mistake, it was getting a little late to start over.

Not that I let that stop me. That’s what coffee is for!

Tired sims 4 drinking coffee

The second back-to-back cook out started at 6 p.m. and it gave me a chuckle to invite all the same people back. Imagine getting home from a backyard barbecue, only to be immediately invited back for another.

sims 4 backyard cook out

Including this sad paper bag man, who you might remember from the time I invited myself over to a complete stranger’s house to hold a wedding.

sims 4 sad paper bag man

Halfway through, I caught Peppino sneaking off to go to bed. DON’T YOU DARE.

sims 4 tired

Make some coffee and get back out there, mister!

sims 4 making coffee

There’s my guy! Now put on your party face and mingle, dammit.

sims 4 tired and drinking coffee

Maybe Audrey was addled from all the grilling, because she was acting even more peculiar than usual. First, she stood outside her own window and silently watched people hanging out in her house.

sims 4 staring into window


Later, when I had her complete the Scenario’s main goal, “Call Guests to Meal prepared on the Grill,” she gestured emphatically towards the woods.

sims 4 call to meal

Also, why?

At any rate, we successfully completed this Scenario in 5 in-game days. We earned an umbrella table as a reward from the cook out goaled event, and Audrey and Peppino earned 5,000 Satisfaction points each from the Scenario. I used the points to buy Peppino the Creative Visionary and Fireproof rewards. I bought Audrey Seldom Sleepy and Steel Bladder.

And along the way I bought all the animal clothes from that man in the woods, and now Walter Llama is looking fab-u-lous!

sims 4 llama in fabulous outfit

It’s Bad Bitch o’clock in Henford-on-Bagley.

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  1. If you have simple living lot challenge on the fried fish PLATE and the BBQ pork ribs aren’t even an option on the geill…I’ve just found that out the hard way spending hours in rel time trying to figure it out…

    1. Oh NO! Thank you for letting me know, I didn’t consider that. I will update the article.

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