Explore the Night Scenario Playthrough 1: Groundwork

Since Audrey got to do most of the Cook Out Scenario, I chose Peppino to do the Sims 4 Explore the Night Scenario.

I started with the easy stuff first. Order a drink at a bar – no problem!

sims 4 picking up ghosts at a bar

While I was there, I made friends with some ghosts. I knew “Befriend a ghost and invite them to join your household” was going to be one of the hard parts of this challenge.

Sims 4 selfie with a ghost

I made absolutely shameless use of the “friendship photo” bug. This… let’s call it a “feature.” This feature gives you +5 relationship score for each photo you take of or with another Sim. You can take 5 photos in each photo session. Therefore, 4 photo sessions and your relationship with that Sim is at 100. Presto!

(This feature is such a notorious exploit that people have actually developed mods to counteract it.)

The other hard part of this Scenario is keeping your Sim awake for five days. The instant I looked away from the screen, Peppino took a nap.

sims 4 asleep on a public bench



This is when I learned to have Peppino drink a Sleep Replacement Potion whenever his Sleep need turned yellow. This ended up being about one Sleep Replacement Potion a day. At 400 Satisfaction Points per potion, the cost added up fast.

sims 4 eating outside

Luckily I discovered you can buy a potion on another Sim, place it in the world, and instruct your Sim to either drink it or put it in their inventory. Yay teamwork!

To fulfill the “work 3 night shift” Scenario requirement, I signed Peppino up for the Criminal career. This career path starts you out on night shift. Plus Peppino has the Kleptomaniac trait, so it seemed like a natural choice.

Sims 4 selfie with ghost

In between working night shift, drinking Sleep Replacement Potion, and taking a crapton of selfies with ghosts, I had Peppino paint at the easel. This is a great way to park your Sim, because in my experience, they almost never cancel the “Paint at Easel” interaction autonomously.

Sims 4 paint at Easel

Peppino really took to painting! Soon, he was cranking out Masterpiece after Masterpiece.

Sims 4 Magritte painting

Including this truly incredible take on Magritte’s famous painting. I sold most of Peppino’s paintings, but I am definitely keeping this one!

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