The Big Wedding

It’s time! You are cordially invited to the wedding of Audrey Spline and Peppino Lemus.

I streamed the game to a private Discord server so my friend Erin could join me for the event to help with event planning, choosing outfits, etc.

Of course, the first thing that happened was she had to drop to take a phone call. Left to my own devices, I first picked out three very nice, very appropriate, very traditional wedding gowns.

Sims 4 wedding dress options

Then, as her call wore on, I started just puttering around the wardrobe, trying on this and that just for fun.

Erin returned just as I was admiring this work of art.

Sims 4 wedding dress options
It’s called fashion, sweetie. Look it up.

She was like “I LOVE IT” and I was like “RIGHT???” and then I showed her the other wedding outfits, and then we decided this had to be the one.

I mean, if you’re going to marry a guy like Peppino Lemus, you gotta do it in style, amirite?

On to the wedding!

I carefully planned ahead. I baked a white cake, put the wedding topper on it, and put it in her inventory. I bought a wedding arch and put it in her inventory.

Then things went off the rails when we had to choose a venue.

There are so many options, and they all sound exquisite, but did you know you can choose to have your wedding at some random person’s house? The homeowner doesn’t have the option to decline. You just show up, wedding party in tow, and proceed to get married.

I mean, come on. How are we not going to do that.

Sims 4 wedding at random person's house

Doesn’t the bride look beautiful? Yes she does. Please note, we colored her hair and put it in a fancy updo for this event.

Let’s meet the person who is hosting the wedding! And introduce ourselves, since they have never met before! And tell him he’s hosting the wedding!

Sims 4 wedding at random person's house

Erin and I were momentarily speechless. And trust me, that’s rare.

I’ll give you a moment to take it all in: the angry paper bag face, the patched overalls, the bare feet, the ancient computer which is no doubt chock full of scary porn.

I laugh every time I see this picture, because he’s like, “Ugh, okay, guess I gotta go deal with this now.”

I love this game so much.

Audrey introduced herself, and they sat on his twin bed and chatted for a while.

Sims 4 talking on twin bed

More guests came in to join them. Everyone milled around in this dude’s bedroom until finally I’d had enough. Let’s do this!

Sims 4 wedding

Because this isn’t my house, I couldn’t rotate the wedding arch. This left me with very few possibilities as to placement. I finally plunked it down in the middle of the living room and called it good.

Sims 4 wedding

Not one single person noticed when Audrey and Peppino started the ceremony. Audrey had to step over two Sims who were doing push-ups in the hallway. A few others are in the back, sitting at the dining room table and having a nice chat.

Sims 4 wedding

As the wedding ceremony went on, most of the guests wandered into the general area, although they continued to fully ignore the actual wedding. A lot of them wanted to go outside and then, upon finding out it was raining, come back inside. The soundtrack to the wedding was mostly the back door opening and closing.

Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple!

Immediately upon finishing the ceremony, Audrey grabbed a piece of wedding cake.

Sims 4 wedding

While Peppino went back to the host’s room and used his computer to chat with some friends.

Sims 4 wedding

“Dude, you are not going to believe how many people were doing push-ups at the wedding!”

After Audrey finished her nice slice of cake, Erin and I decided to send them upstairs to WooHoo in the host’s shower. Because we’re classy that way.

Sims 4 shower woohoo

Audrey fixed herself a drink at the host’s cute cocktail bar (she deserved it).

Sims 4 cocktail bar

And eventually we called it a night and left the house, having absolutely wrecked their kitchen.

Sims 4 dangerous kitchen

Bye, stranger! Thanks for the wedding!

At this point, I was getting tired. I told Erin, “Let’s at least rip the mustache off him and fix his hair, then call it a night.” After tinkering with all the various options, we finally found this “good enough” look for Peppino Lemus-Spline.

Sims 4 Peppino Lemus makeover

Stay tuned for a proper Peppino Lemus-Spline makeover next time!

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