Romantic Sulani Sunset Getaway

So much happened last night!

First, Peppino Lemus (I can’t get over his name) invited Audrey to the GeekCon festival. She participated in the Ultimate Gaming Contest and played some 3D Blic Block.

sims 4 playing BlicBlock at GeekCon

I cannot WAIT to get rid of Peppino’s mustache.

Sims 4 Peppino Lemus

Also, I just noticed that he’s wearing a tank top with quilted leather shoulders? What in the.

Then they did computers with each other, which warmed my heart, because this is how Marshall and I spend so many happy hours: Together, but engaged in parallel play.

Sims 4 playing on the computer at GeekCon

The next day, Peppino showed up at her house and stared at her beehive for a while. He really likes staring at the beehive. I wonder what he’s thinking? Just zoning out and watching the bees, I guess.

Sims 4 Cottage Living beehive

It was a rainy day, so they spent most of it puttering around inside, being cozy.

Sims 4 Cottage Living rainy day

Later, after the weather cleared, I sent Audrey out to interact with a wild rabbit who hopped over to her house. She made friends enough with the rabbit that the rabbit gave her a present.

sims 4 Cottage Living present from wild rabbit


sims 4 Cottage Living present from wild rabbit

The present was a cross stitch pattern called “Bird.” I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Last night I learned something else I didn’t know: Sims can play with their phones while they’re on the toilet.

Sims 4 playing with phone on the toilet

Anyway, let’s move on to the main event! I have never had a courtship run this smoothly in The Sims 4. They had been going out for like three days, and it was clearly time to propose.

After thinking it over for a while, I decided to have Audrey propose on a beach in Sulani at sunset. Super romantic, right?

It wasn’t sunset yet when they arrived, so I tasked Audrey with building a sand castle while we waited.

Sims 4 building sand castle in Sulani

Excellent beach wear for you both, by the way.

Sims 4 building sand castle in Sulani

Great work!

By this time, as you can see, the sun was starting to set. So I sent Audrey over to interrupt Peppino’s dinner (grilled chicken chimichurri) with a marriage proposal.

Sims 4 Sulani sunset marriage proposal

Obviously he said yes! These two are madly in love with each other.

They celebrated by having a bonfire on the beach, and trying to ignore this third wheel Townie who wandered over to chat.

Sims 4 Sulani beach bonfire

I didn’t realize bonfires were a bad idea during hot weather until Audrey nearly got heat stroke. Luckily I caught it in time, extinguished the fire, and sent them both back home.

Now the question is, where to hold the wedding?

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