Styling Peppino

I spent more time on Peppino Lemus-Spline’s makeover than I ever have before. Hours and hours pondering what to use as his style inspiration, trying on outfits, discarding them, and starting all over again, until finally something clicked.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t want to lose his essential Peppino Lemus-ness in this makeover. Yes, I wanted to rip off the weird mustache, fix his hair color, and take off that weird neon green earring. Yes, the sunglasses had to go. But still, I felt like Peppino Lemus deserved something more than the usual Sims 4 fashion.

And so as a style icon, I finally settled on Eugene Lee Yang from the Try Guys. Eugene is a gay man with a daring, gender-fluid fashion sense, and I love it. The more I thought about it, the more I thought Peppino would love it, too.

So here we have Peppino’s five Everyday outfits.

Sims 4 gender fluid everyday outfits

And five Hot Weather outfits.

Sims 4 gender fluid hot weather outfits

I’m still working on the Formal outfits, but this will do for now. I love it! And best of all, I can finally go back to playing the dang game, instead of playing dress-up all night.

(Also I think it’s important to note, I only used Eugene as a jumping-off point for style inspo. I don’t think he would be caught dead in any of these outfits.)

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