When Peppino Lemus-Spline woke up on the first day of what’s technically his honeymoon, he immediately changed into his work clothes and started sadly slouching towards the front door.

Sims 4 going to work as a barista

I checked his profile and learned he has an entry-level job as a barista. Poor buddy! Fear not: You’re home now.

I had him quit his job, change back into regular clothes, and go introduce himself to all the animals.

Sims 4 brushing llama

I also got him started with some gardening.

Sims 4 gardening

He seemed to enjoy it, which is great, except I can’t really have him do anything right now, since it’s the last day of summer. Anything I plant today is a waste.

Meanwhile, I got suckered into buying the new fashion-forward kits. As long as there’s one more day of summer left, I decided to put Peppino in a sweet new Fashion Street outfit from Mumbai.

Sims 4 Fashion Street Mumbai kit

Have you ever seen someone pull off those colors so well?? I could never!

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