Cook Out Scenario Playthrough 1: Baby’s First Scenario

I finally took the time to read up on Sims 4 Scenarios and give them a try. Scenarios seem like a fun summer project, and I am all about fun summer projects this year.

I started with the Cook Out Scenario, which is:

Sounds perfect. Let’s go!

The first two checklist items are “buy a grill” and “buy an optional outdoor item (bar, stereo, or Got Game table).” You would think this would be easy, but I spent an entire hour rearranging their front patio just so.

Sims 4 new patio arrangement Cottage Living

The next checklist item is to catch a fish. This proved to be harder than I expected, because I could not find a “Go Fishing” sign anywhere in the world for the life of me. After sending Audrey and Peppino to three different worlds, I finally remembered a fishing spot in Willow Creek.

Sims 4 fishing

Audrey caught the first fish. Congrats! Let’s go.

Sims 4 fishing

They got home and fell asleep just as the Grim Reaper arrived to take Brown Hen. RIP!

Sims 4 Grim Reaper comes for a chicken death

Next step: Make “Excellent” quality BBQ ribs plate on the grill. Audrey already has a Cooking skill of 6, so hopefully this won’t be too hard?

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