In the Moodlet Scenario Playthrough 1: Introducing Morgan

For the Sims 4 In the Moodlet Scenario I decided to create a throw-away Sim that I wouldn’t care about. I entered Create a Sim and clicked “Randomize” until I found a Sim I immediately fell in love with and would die to protect.

Meet Morgan Spline: Cheerful, Childish, Dance Machine, they/them.

Sims 4 non binary outfits

I Rosa dog meme Morgan so much that I uploaded them to the Gallery. That way if anything happens to them, I can re-download and start fresh. It’s the ultimate “Undo” button.

I’m not the only one who adores Morgan.

Get you someone who looks at you the way this neighbor looks at my Sim.

Anyway, on to the Scenario. The idea behind this challenge is your Sim has an entry-level retail job which causes them a lot of stress. (Relatable.) Your job is to manage your Sim’s mood. In a supportive fashion in most cases, with one exception, which we’ll get to later in the challenge.

Sim making an angry painting

The easiest challenge item was to create five emotional paintings. This Angry painting is incredible.

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