In the Moodlet Scenario Playthrough 2: Dance party!

I decided to start the Sims 4 In the Moodlet Scenario by having Morgan make five emotional paintings about their entry-level retail job. Here they are.

sims 4 in the moodlet emotional paintings

So accurate it hurts.

Speaking of decor (were we?) I like to play by “real-life rules” when I have a Sim rent an apartment. This means no major renovations, no painting the walls, and you can’t get rid of any furniture or appliances.

Even so, I was able to set up a nice space for Morgan with lots of plants they could care for.

I sent Morgan out to meet some locals and have some fun.

sims 4 karaoke

Morgan wasn’t great at karaoke, but they sure did look cute doing it.

We went to one of the famous raves at the disco in Windenburg. For this, I had Morgan change into their party outfit.

sims 4 windenburg party

Reactions were mixed. I thought it was a lovely fun Harry Styles look, but this random Sim seems to disagree.

Well, who needs her opinion, anyway, right?? NOBODY ASKED YOU, KAREN.

Who cares what Karen thinks. Let’s dance!

sims 4 dancing at disco in windenburg

Morgan was smitten with Joachim La Chien, who I imagine is a trust fund baby traveling Europe and “working” as a DJ.

sims 4 selfie with joachim le chien

At this point I had only one challenge left: “Share Insecurities or Tell a Self-Deprecating Joke to another Sim while Embarrassed.” The easiest way to make a Sim embarrassed is to have them pee their pants.

I invited Joachim over, locked the bathroom door, and had Morgan drink a lot of coffee.

But in the end, I couldn’t do it! I didn’t have the heart to make Morgan pee their pants in front of their crush.

Did I fail this challenge? Tune in for the third and final episode to find out!

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