In the Moodlet Scenario Playthrough 3: The pants-wetting conclusion

Welcome to the final chapter of my Sims 4 In the Moodlet Scenario playthrough, in which I VERY RELUCTANTLY make my Sim embarrassed so they can complete the challenge.

Sims 4 has to use the bathroom

We Sims players have a reputation for being callous. And with our fondness for murder, you can see why. However, I cannot stress enough how genuinely bad I felt for putting Morgan through this ordeal.

Sims 4 wet their pants

I locked the bathroom and waited until Morgan peed their pants. Then, now that they had the “Very Embarrassed” moodlet, I sent them out to interact with a stranger in order to fulfill the Scenario requirements.

sims 4 embarrassed at the gym

I sent them to the local gym, so they would be able to shower immediately after completing the required interaction.

sims 4 tell self-deprecating joke

I had Morgan tell this complete stranger a Self-Deprecating Joke, and presto, we completed the Scenario.

sims 4 karaoke night

I cleaned Morgan up, changed them into their cold-weather outfit since it was a crisp fall night, and sent them out for a fun night of karaoke with their friend, Moira Fyres.

And with that ordeal finally behind us, it’s off to the next Scenario!

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