Curved Walls!

The Sims 4 world is abuzz with the news about curved walls. For the first time in Sims history, you can build curved walls. This is a free base game update, which means it’s available for every player.

I decided to try it out. The house I created is probably a violation of the Geneva Convention. Building it definitely got me placed on some kind of watch list. I deserve the death penalty for the roof situation alone.

sims 4 curved walls

It’s bad, is what I’m saying. Real bad.

sims 4 curved walls

It’s early days for curved walls, so let’s just assume there are a lot of bug fixes already in the works. Because to put it politely… it’s a little rough.

There is no “curved wall” tool. You get the option to place one of three sizes of “room with one curved wall.” After placing the curved room, you are free to delete the two straight walls, leaving the curved wall behind.

Don’t try and delete the floor, though. Somehow that deletes the entire room? I’m unclear on the relationship between floors and rooms.

If you want to try to work with this architectural monstrosity, you’re in luck! I uploaded it to the Gallery. Search by the name “Splines Curved Crimes,” or find it in my gallery, EA ID “mechagrue.” And good luck!

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    1. I thought about making my Sims actually live there, but then I remembered I’m trying to be kind to them, and making them live in that house would be cruel.

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