Sexy Trash Barn Dance

After building this curved wall monstrosity, I thought about moving my Sims in to playtest it. Then I remembered that I’m experimenting with being nicer to my Sims, and making them live in that nightmare would be cruel.

I got a little off track with Sims 4 the past month or so. Let me quickly bring you up to speed,

Morgan Spline (my bestest favoritest Sim ever) is now in a committed relationship with Joaquin Le Chien.

Joachim Le Chien everyday outfits

I moved Joaquin in and immediately restyled his outfits like the sexy trash he is.

Joachim le chien hot weather outfits

Then I started thinking about where to move them next. Clearly they have both outgrown Morgan’s humble little starter apartment in San Myshuno.

But where would Morgan want to live? Where would Joaquin want to live? And most importantly, where would they want to live together?

For possibly the first time in the 20+ years I’ve been playing the Sims franchise, I asked myself, What would make my Sims most happy?

Answering this question took many MANY hours of trial and error. I tried placing them in a few pre-made houses, and even downloaded a bunch of options from the Gallery. But nothing felt quite right.

Then I started trying to build a nice house on purpose from scratch by hand.

I KNOW, RIGHT? So unlike me!

I went through many iterations before I finally hit on something that felt right. A renovated barn which offers plenty of gardening opportunities for Morgan’s cottagecore dreams, plus the ample space and industrial aesthetic Joachim needs for his new career as a DJ.

Sorry for the dark photo, but I was too excited for their move-in date to wait until daylight!

Sims 4 new barndominium

I was so excited that I now see I forgot to change Joaquin out of his work clothes. (Ew, honey, no.)

Sims 4 new barndominium

Click here to see the lot on the Gallery, or search the Gallery for “Splines Barn.” You can also find and follow me as a creator (EA ID mechagrue) to be notified when I post new content. (Which is rarely, I promise you.)

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