Fashion disaster, fashion icon, or both?

This week I got bored of gardening with Morgan, so I sent Joaquin Le Chien to check out the thrift store/bubble tea shop in the new Sims 4 Copperdale world.

Sims 4 Thrif-Tea in Copperdale

I haven’t fully figured out how thrifting works, but here’s what I know so far:

  • You can check the in-game Trendi app to find out what looks are trending up or down.
  • Browse the racks to pick out clothes to make an outfit.
    • The clothes are hilariously weird and random.
    • Don’t get too worked up about it. Remember, you’re making outfits for Sims 4 NPCs.
    • The same NPCs who can’t resist wearing that goddamned eyeball ring.
    • It’s fine.
  • Give the outfit a name.
    • I don’t know why!
    • Do people name outfits in real life?
    • If you are puzzled by the list of pre-defined styles, I recommend The Aesthetics Wiki.
    • “Sleuth core” isn’t a thing, though. Can anyone enlighten me?
  • Either list the outfit for sale on the in-game Trendi app or wear it yourself.
  • If you wear it yourself, you can hype it to your followers.
    • Everyone hates it when I do this, so I have given up.
    • Clearly I am not cut out to be a hype beast.
  • If the outfit sells, you have to take a whole separate action to make your Sim package up the outfit and mail it to the buyer.
    • This process is incredibly annoying, just like in real life!

I put together this stunning outfit for Joaquin.

Sims 4 thriftea fashion

Incredible, right??? Let’s hype it.
hype an outfit sims 4

Serving looks! (Lewks?) (Forgive me, I am a middle-aged white lady, I do not know what the cool kids call clothese these days.)

sims 4 thriftea outfit


sims 4 crochet bucket hat

Especially YES to the crochet bucket hat. YES.

After all this fun, I decided to buy an outfit made by another Sim. Here is the “Hipster” outfit Geoffrey Landgraab created. It’s called Campfire Chic.

geoffrey landgraab hipster campfire chic outfit

NO, baby, NEVER. Take it off IMMEDIATELY. (But honestly, what would you expect from Geoffrey Landgraab?)

If you have any tips, tricks, or can point me to some guides for thrifting clothes, I would appreciate it!

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