How to undo death in The Sims 4

There are a lot of ways to undo death in The Sims 4. You can use mods, cheats, restore old saves, or go on a long in-game journey to bring a Sim back to life.

Back Up Your Files

Before you do anything, follow these instructions to back up your Sims 4 game files.

It’s always good to have backups. You never know what’s going to happen! In fact, I stopped writing this paragraph to back up my own files.

Turn Back Time

These options require a certain amount of presence of mind. (Don’t feel bad. I have never not panicked.) There are two ways you can rewind the clock and undo what just happened.

1. Close without saving

If your Sim dies unexpectedly, you can exit the game without saving. This method loses everything since the last time you saved. Plus, if you’re reading this article, it’s probably too late for that.

2. Restore from an old save

Launch the game and click Load Game. A list of your saved games appears. For each of these save files, the game automatically creates multiple save points you can restore from.

Gameplay: Bring a Dead Sim Back to Life

The following methods will bring a Sim back from the dead.

Note: Under normal circumstances, pleading with the Grim Reaper has a 33% chance of success.

1. Base Game: Death Flower

The Death Flower gives you 100% chance of success to plead with the Grim Reaper to spare a Sim from death.

There are several ways to get a Death Flower:

  • A Sim with level 5 or better Gardening skill can create a Death Flower through grafting:
    1. Graft Cherry to Apple to grow Pomegranate.
    2. Graft Lily to Snapdragon to grow Orchid.
    3. Graft Pomegranate to Snapdragon to grow Death Flower.
  • Realm of Magic: You can buy a Death Flower from the Alchemy Supplies Stall in the Magic Realm. The stall’s inventory changes daily. If they don’t have a Death Flower for sale, come back the next day.
  • Cheats: Use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat.

Death flower notes:

  • A Death Flower will revive a Sim who has died of old age, and give them two more days of life.
  • Death Flower is a component of Ambrosia, Grimbucha, Death Flower scented candles, and Vitality Nectar.
  • Using a Death Flower to scent a flower arrangement can kill an elderly Sim.

2. Base Game: Ambrosia

A Sim with enough level 10 proficiency in Cooking and Gourmet Cooking can prepare a serving of Ambrosia. Feed Ambrosia to a ghost Sim to resurrect them. Learn more about Ambrosia at Carl’s Sims 4 Guide.

3. Crystal Creations: Jet

A Sim who is wearing a piece of Jet jewelry or is within range of a cut Jet gem can summon the Grim Reaper at will. Pleading for a Sim’s life will always succeed.

Because gems only work when they are charged, you may want to have multiples of these around, so you can always have one charged.

4. Realm of Magic: Dedeathify spell

A Master-level spellcaster can use the Dedeathify spell to bring a ghost Sim back to life. Learn more about the Dedeathify spell at the Ultimate Sims Guide.

5. Realm of Magic: Potion of Prompt Resurrection

A Master-level alchemist can use Death Metal, Death Flower, and Zombie Carl to make a Potion of Prompt Resurrection. This potion immediately revives a Sim if they die.

6. Romantic Garden stuff pack: Wishing Well

If your dead Sim is a playable ghost, they can use the Wishing Well to wish for “Life.” Learn more about the Wishing Well at the Ultimate Sims Guide.

7. Horse Ranch: Vitality Nectar

A Sim with level 5 Nectar-making skill can use a Death Flower and Spinach to make Vitality Nectar. A ghost Sim who drinks this nectar will be restored to life.

8. Eco Lifestyle: Grimbucha

A Sim with level 5 Juice Fizzing skill can use Death Flower to make Grimbucha. Grimbucha gives your Sim a Sad moodlet, and makes them immune to death.

9. Get to Work: Reaper’s Friend Serum

A Sim who is level 10 in the Scientist career can create the Reaper’s Friend Serum out of a Death Flower and an Alien Crystal. This serum resurrects a dead Sim.

Gameplay: Prevent Death

The following methods prevent a Sim from dying. They won’t help a Sim who has already died.

1. Base Game: Book of Life

This is in the “prevention” category because you have to bind a Sim to the Book of Life while that Sim is still alive.

A Sim with level 10 Writing skill who has completed the Bestselling Author aspiration can create a Book of Life and bind a Sim’s soul to the book. If the bound Sim dies, the Sim holding their bound Book of Life can resurrect the dead Sim from the Relationship panel.

Only one Sim can be bound to each Book of Life, but a writer can create as many Books of Life as you want.

2. Base Game: Voodoo Doll

A Sim with level 5 Mischief skill and a voodoo doll can use it to “Toy with Death” when they die. This prevents the Grim Reaper from killing them.

3. Crystal Creations: Hematite

Crystal Creations introduced a slew of powerful effects in the form of charged gems. A Sim who is wearing a piece of Hematite jewelry or is within range of a cut Hematite gem cannot die.

Because gems only work when they are charged, you may want to have multiples of these around, so you can always have one charged.

Cheats and Mods

To enter a cheat code on PC or Mac, type CTRL + Shift + C. Learn more about cheats for PC/Mac and console here on EA’s website.

1. Cheat: remove_trait

In The Sims 4, being a ghost is a trait. To restore a Sim to life, use the traits.remove_trait TRAIT cheat, replacing TRAIT with the Sim’s specific type of ghost, based on their means of death.

For example, to restore a Sim who starved to death, take control of that Sim, type Ctrl + Shift + C to open the Cheats panel, then type:

traits.remove_trait trait_ghost_hunger

2. Mod: MCCC


  • MC Command Center mod installed.

MC Command Center is one of the longest-running, most stable, well-respected, well-maintained mods in the Sims 4 ecosphere. In addition to a million other things, MCCC lets you right-click on a Sim’s dead body to bring them back to life.

Turn Off Death

If you want to avoid this situation in the first place, use testingcheats true and death.toggle false to turn off death in your game. If you’re reading this, it’s probably too late, but you can do this now to spare any future Sims.

Note: You may need to set this every time you play. I haven’t had a chance to check, and I’m finding conflicting information online.

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