Lift the Curse of the Night Wraith: The Sims Checklist Challenge

This was the most aggravating Sims Checklist Challenge item to date. The actual lifting of the curse was simple because Henry had learned the Decursify spell by that time. But everything leading up to that point, oh boy. I was salty.

The first hurdle I had to overcome was understanding the overcharge system for spellcasters in The Sims 4. It works the opposite way from every other video game I’ve ever played. Usually, you have a mana pool, and each spell you cast depletes that pool. You can either take a potion or wait a while to recharge your mana.

In The Sims 4 Realm of Magic, a charge builds up every time you cast a spell. If that charge gets too high, it can lead to spell failure, being cursed, and (in severe cases) overload, leading to death. You can take a potion or wait a while for the charge to dissipate.

Your Sim can also learn the Discharge spell. I never figured out if this spell helps or hurts your Sim, and I was too afraid to try it.

Spell failure is more common when you’re a low-level Spellcaster. I wish I had learned this before Henry became a high-level Spellcaster because it might have made the next step less tedious.

sims 4 cursed sim

Curse of the Night Wraith comes from overcharge failures, so Henry spent a lot of time standing around in public, casting spells on everyone who walked by.

sims 4 cursed sim

My favorite combo was Inferniate, followed by Scrubbaroo. You set a Sim on fire, then remove all the soot so they’re back to normal. They never seemed to appreciate this, even though I felt like it balanced out, so what was their problem?

sims 4 failed spell

Eventually Henry failed badly enough to be cursed. Finally!

sims 4 curse of the night wraith

Sims who are cursed by said Night Wraith have their Energy meter permanently in the red. They cannot sleep or rest, and any reprieve is fleeting. Their mood is so bad that it’s almost impossible to get them to do anything.

sims 4 spellcaster curse of the night wraith

Here’s where the particularly aggravating part happened. And I fully admit I did it to myself.

I wanted to see the Night Wraith!

I mean, I had gone to all this trouble to curse Henry. I needed the satisfaction of seeing the actual Night Wraith. However, said Night Wraith appears according to “ghost rules,” meaning it only appears at night, and not every night.

The Night Wraith didn’t appear until the third night, at which point I was pretty tired of this curse. It showed up looking creepy and proceeded to play the violin.

sims 4 night wraith

It then picked up the lump of clay, made a wad, and went outside to show his creation to Henry.

sims 4 night wraith lump of clay

No one can resist the lump of clay!

sims 4 decursify

At that point it was a quick and easy matter of casting Decursify, and Henry was free. Hooray!

sims 4 checklist challenge

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