Single Parenthood

Here’s something that doesn’t always feel good: Forcing Sims to have babies due to my agenda. And yet, if you want to have a legacy, you gotta have heirs. That’s how it works.

I decided it was time for Henry to carry on the Splines name. Molly Prescott, who had finally grown into a Young Adult, was the obvious choice for a partner. (That whole thing didn’t feel good, either! This game has been making me uncomfortable lately.)

I invited Molly over and had Henry ask her to “Try for Baby” with her. She was like, “Absolutely not.”

ask a sim to try for baby

Then I had Henry ask if she wanted to have a Science Baby with him, and to my unending surprise, she agreed.

sims with science baby

They had twin girls, whom I named Molly Jr. and Molly III in honor of their mother, who wandered out of the house and basically never came back.

baby left on sidewalk

The babies were cute, and the only notable event was when someone left one of the girls next to the neighbor’s trash cans in the middle of the night. Nice try, but that’s not how it works!

sims baby with glasses

The game gave Molly Jr. glasses, which is the cutest thing. I don’t know about the rest of her outfit, but I love the glasses.

baby care sims 4

Henry did a great job caring for the babies.

toddler with glasses

Molly Jr. got a new pair of glasses when she aged into a Toddler.

sims 4 toddler with cat

Meanwhile, Molly III made friends with Henry’s cat, Margo.

sims 4 cat familiar

What little free time Henry had, he spent cutting gemstones into various shapes, snuggling with Margo, and using his giant witch cauldron to make a large amount of mac and cheese.

sims 4 mac and cheese in cauldron

This should annoy me, but I can’t be mad about it. I mean, talk about living the dream!

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