Break Into a Sim’s House: The Sims Checklist Challenge

The next item on the Sims 4 “24 while 24” checklist challenge is to break into a Sim’s house. This is a great example of why I wanted to do this challenge. I have spent a lot of time playing The Sims 4, but have never broken into a house. I didn’t know it was an option until I saw the challenge!

But whose house should I burgle? This question could potentially send me into a spiral of overthinking, which is a big problem for me. I take medicine for it and everything.

break into Baby Ariel's house in The Sims 4

Thanks to a lucky coincidence, the universe handed me the answer on a platter. The last time I wandered through Manage Worlds looking for a home for my Sims, I came across a huge mansion owned by someone named Baby Ariel. I didn’t know who Baby Ariel was, but her name stuck with me.

The next day, someone posted a question on Reddit about Baby Ariel, which is how I learned she’s a real person.

Baby Ariel was added to the game as a townie with the Get Famous expansion pack. She was apparently a well-known influencer when Get Famous launched in November 2018. She has had a lengthy and noteworthy career since then, but (perhaps because I am old and out of The Loop) I hadn’t heard of her.

Her house seemed like the obvious choice. I knew nothing about her but I thought she probably had good stuff to steal.

break into a sim's house

I’ll tell you one thing Baby Ariel has: A very sturdy front door. It won the first few rounds against Henry and his crowbar.

break into a sim's house

Poor Henry isn’t cut out for this life!

Once inside, I found that Baby Ariel’s mansion is, let’s call it “minimalist.”

break into a sim's house

To start, I had Henry disassemble one of Baby Ariel’s fancy bathtubs and steal the electronic parts to use later. (Turns out I might not be good at burglary.)

Then I discovered that burglary is a goaled event, and we were actually there to uncover Baby Ariel’s secrets. For the record, I did not feel good about this.

break into a sim's home

After rummaging through the end tables in her bedroom, I had Henry ransack Baby Ariel’s closet. Here, he found her hidden secret: She is scared of the infamous eyeball ring. (Me too, girl. Me too.)

With that underwhelming task complete, I checked another item off the checklist and prepared to move on.

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