Toilet Friends, Lawn Showers, and a Birthday: The Sims Checklist Challenge

This one is a two-fer because both Checklist Challenge items were quick to complete.

We finally had a rainy day, so I sent Henry outside to shower in the rain for the first checklist item.

sims 4 checklist challenge shower in the rain

Next, I bought them the $2,000 Talking Toilet. This toilet features various visual and auditory effects and a conversation mode. It didn’t take long before Henry and the toilet became friends.

sims 4 checklist challenge befriend talking toilet

This coincided with the girls’ birthdays. Their cat, Margo, decided to help with the cake.

sims 4 cat standing in cake

Margo, no!

sims 4 cat sitting in cake

I left the girls in the random outfits they aged into because they turned out so cute!

First was Molly Jr., with an adorable bow in her hair.

sims 4 molly jr spline

Then there was her younger sister, Molly III, whose pink galoshes stole my heart. They look a heck of a lot better than the TARDIS-blue boots that Townie is wearing, that’s for sure.

sims 4 molly spline III

I have plans for both girls, of course. Molly Jr. needs to be a science smartypants, so I started her with chess.

sims 4 playing chess

Meanwhile, Molly the Third is slated to become a stinky artist.

sims 4 artist child

Actually she’s just supposed to be an artist. The “stinky” part is optional, but it fits, don’t you think?

sims 4 24 while 24 checklist challenge

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