How to “Read with an Adult”

The first tier of the Sims 4 Whiz Kid aspiration includes “Read with an Adult for 2 Hours.” To do this:

  1. Control an adult in the household.
  2. Click on a bookcase.
  3. Select a children’s book.
  4. Put that book in the adult’s inventory.
  5. Click on the book and choose “Read to Child.”
  6. A pop-up lets you choose which child will be read to. You can choose more than one child to listen simultaneously.


If this process isn’t working for you, try some of the following fixes:

  • Delete the bookcase and buy a new one.
  • Order a new children’s book instead of using one of the pre-populated books.
  • The adult must have a relationship with the child. If the child is adopted. you have to introduce yourself first.
  • Make sure it’s a children’s book. These have a white icon with a purple octopus design.

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