Breed a New Species of Frog: The Sims Checklist Challenge

Now that Henry is a Spellcaster, I completely set that aside and went hunting for frogs. This was a two-fer on the Sims “24 While 24” Checklist Challenge because the best place to find frogs is the Forgotten Grotto.

This is also a bucket list item for me as a Sims player. One of my favorite details in The Sims 3 was the boarded-up mining shaft hidden in Sunset Valley. The entrance to the Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs is an excellent callback.

sims 4 oasis springs forgotten grotto entrance

Your Sim needs Level 10 Handiness skill to open the entrance to the Grotto. This went fast because I used the combined powers of Tiny Living and Crystal Creations to boost Henry’s learning speed.

sim learning fast thanks to tiny living and crystal creations

All that studying, just to pry off some boards with a hammer.

sims 4 enter forgotten grotto

Once inside, I had Henry take a selfie, thus checking an item off the list.

sims 4 checklist challenge

Couple quick things about this selfie:

  1. Poor Henry, I never had him care for his acne when he was a teen. Now, he has acne scars, and I don’t know if they are permanent. That’s a little too relatable. (It’s also a known bug.)
  2. Why is it so impossible to frame a selfie correctly? He’s in the most beautiful location, but no matter where I put him, all his selfies just showed the ground.
sims 4 forgotten grotto selfie

Let’s get some frogs!

sims 4 hunting frogs in forgotten grotto

To breed frogs, you need to have two frogs in your inventory. Click one of them and breed it with the other. I got a Striped Heart frog.

sims 4 striped heart frog

In playing this challenge, I learned that The Sims 4 has a surprisingly complex frog-breeding game mechanic. Who knew?!

sims 4 checklist challenge

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