Transform Into an Occult Sim: The Sims Checklist Challenge

I chose to transform Henry into a Spellcaster for the next item on the Sims Checklist Challenge, because this will be relevant for a later challenge.

sims 4 become a spellcaster realm of magic

To become a Spellcaster, your Sim has to talk to one of the four Sages in the Realm of Magic and do a quick fetch quest. And presto, you’re magic!

sims 4 become a spellcaster

As a Spellcaster, you get to have a Familiar. You can buy or find three cute lil flying Familiars, like this guy.

sims 4 spellcaster familiar

You can also designate a pet cat or dog as your Familiar. I was very tempted to choose the cat that is a raccoon, but in the end, I made a more conventional choice. Meet Margo. Isn’t she adorable?

sims 4 cat familiar

Margo is a sweet baby angel who has never done, and will never do, a wrong thing in her whole entire life.

sims 4 cat familiar

If you think Margo should not be sitting on the dining table, then it is YOU who are WRONG.

sims 4 cat familiar

I spent a big chunk of time leveling up Henry’s magic skills. The spells themselves are often underwhelming.

sims 4 spellcaster

I’m a fan of the Copypasto spell, though.

sims 4 spellcaster copypasto


I also set Henry up with a big magic cauldron in his backyard.

sims 4 magic cauldron

He used it to, uh, make chili.

sims 4 chili cauldron

That’s so much chili. What is he going to do with all that chili? Let’s not think about it. On to the next challenge!

sims 24 while 24 checklist challenge

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