Bunker Time

I have to budget my Sims-playing time every day. Today I decided to spend it all in Build Mode. Someone suggested (I looked but couldn’t find the comment – or maybe it was an email? So sorry!) an underground “Hitler’s bunker” kind of vibe. I couldn’t resist that idea! Here’s a shot of the aboveground level, with the basement bunker superimposed so that you can get a feel for the layout.

And the bunker itself.

Hilarious as it is, I have trouble wedging the camera in there to get a shot.

And here’s the aboveground level, after everything was moved downstairs.

Hera slept soundly on her new double bed. (Gonna need that double bed some day!)

The next day I wanted her to visit a laundromat to do her laundry. Except I guess I never placed one, nor could I find a pre-made one in Edit Town. I don’t feel like building my own laundromat. If you can recommend one on the Exchange, let me know!

Instead, I settled for plunking some machines down in a workout room at the gym.

Hera chose to read a book while she waited for the laundry machines to finish.

(That’s what I do, too!)To make up for a somewhat boring post, here’s my #1 favorite feature of Sunset Valley!

It doesn’t do anything, and you can’t interact with it, but I sure love those glowing eyes!

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