Trying Again

The second person Hera met at the park proved to be single.

Hera followed Angela Maurer over to the public picnic baskets, where they bonded over free sandwiches.

Later, Hera tried a little romance, but Angela was all “Meh.”

Still though, it wasn’t an outright rejection. I remained hopeful. I had Hera “Tell Flirtatious Joke.” I don’t know about Angela, but I laughed at what happened next.

Could she really have used Gloria Steinem’s famous quote as a pick-up line? I LOVE THIS GAME. And you know what? It worked. Andrea was smitten, and Hera made this face:

Then she pushed it too far, and got rejected for a First Kiss.

It’s not a hard rejection, though. Note Andrea’s expression which is more “bemused” than “horrified” or “outraged.” Sadly, that’s the most positive reaction Hera’s ever gotten when she’s tried to kiss someone.

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