Tragic Birthday

I’m legitimately sad about what happened this week. But it’s not going to get any easier, so let’s get on with it.

Cordelia has been having a great time with a townie named Cassandra Atkins. They had an immediate connection, and it wasn’t long before they shared their first kiss.

Two sims sharing a first kiss

I’m so happy Cordelia finally found someone! I was starting to worry she would grow old and die without ever finding love.

Two sims in love

Cordelia asked Cassandra to be her girlfriend, and Cassandra agreed.

Sims agrees to be girlfriend

It sincerely touches my heart, how open Sims are to falling in love with a trans person. Best video game ever!

It was Darren’s birthday, so instead of sending him to school the next day, I decided to let him have some fun. I had him phone up his best friend Sione and they met up at the lounge downtown to stay up late, hang out, play some music… you know; teenager stuff.

Two sims taking a selfie

The next day, Cordelia baked Darren a birthday cake (this one turned out much better than the last one did) and threw him a birthday party. It was surprisingly well-attended, given how small their house is. Perhaps to accommodate the crowds, Cordelia clipped right through the kitchen counter. Ouch.

Teenage sim blowing out birthday candles

Eventually the party wound down, all the guests left, everything was going great. I was just about to send Darren to bed when I heard THE DEATH MUSIC.

Sim dead in a pool

I frantically scrolled around and found Cordelia DEAD in the frickin POOL.

I guess she was very very tired, and – in classic Sim fashion – decided it would be a great time to go for a swim. As you can see, she died well within reach of a pool ladder.

Her brand-new girlfriend Cassandra is the one who found her. Poor Cassandra!

Sim dead in a pool

Darren rushed out and pleaded with the Grim Reaper, but Death refused his request.

Sim pleading with the grim reaper

RIP Cordelia. I was not ready to let you go, but… sometimes shit happens, I guess.

Sim dead in a swimming pool

Just to confirm, because I know sometimes this comes up in a story blog: Cordelia’s death was 100% autonomous. The first thing I knew about it was when I heard the death music.

Darren’s first reaction was to go to bed and cry. It broke my heart.

Sad Sim crying in bed

The next day, it was time for him to start his new life at college. But he was hardly in the mood for it.

Sims studying at college

Even hanging out in his new dorm room, talking to his new friends, Darren’s sadness is overwhelming.

A very sad Sim

I’m glad he happened to have a photo of Cordelia in his inventory when he went to college. I put it up above his bed for him, but I don’t think it helps.

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