A Very City Birthday

In the wake of Cordelia’s failed attempts at romance, it was time for Darren to grow up. I was looking forward to Darren going to school, because the family is in pretty serious financial trouble.

Cordelia and Darren were down to only $680. Cordelia’s attempts to make money by self-publishing children’s books was not going well. So far she is raking in a whole entire $5/day in royalties for the three books she has written. Ouch.

So… cheer up! Let’s have a birthday party!

Sims white birthday cake poor quality

This was Cordelia’s first attempt at baking a cake. It didn’t go well.

As soon as the party started, Cordelia changed into her party outfit, and I laughed so loudly and suddenly that I scared my cats.

Bald Sim in black leather jacket, tan leather shorts, and black leggings

As you might recall, I swapped Cordelia with a friend so that she could pick out all of Cordelia’s outfits, because I am bad at clothes. In hindsight, now I remember her asking if it would be okay if she changed Cordelia’s hairstyle, and I was like, that’s fine, she probably wears a lot of wigs and extensions anyway. I didn’t know what I was in for… but I love it!

Cordelia and Darren only know adults, so Cordelia invited all the adults over, and Darren spent his birthday party playing quietly by himself in the corner.

Sims toddler playing with toys

Then it was time for the big moment! Cordelia helped Darren blow out the candles on her ugly cake.

Sims parent helping a toddler blow out candles on a birthday cake

He looks annoyed at being the only child in a room full of partying adults. Hashtag relatable.

Sims parent helping a toddler blow out candles on a birthday cake

Everyone was having fun, though! I thought their little apartment would be a lot more crowded, but it seemed to work out fine.

Group of Sims at a birthday party in a small City Living apartment

I randomized his traits (is that new? I don’t remember being able to randomize traits!) and he got Neat and Creative. I bought him a violin for his birthday, since it seemed like something he would enjoy.

Sims child playing the violin badly

It sounded every bit as bad as you might imagine.

Perhaps in retaliation, the neighbors fired up their stereo and started pumping up those jams at, like, 2 a.m. For some reason I couldn’t have Cordelia go over and pound on their door to make them shut up. Maybe she was too tired.

Tired child Sim looking sad

Poor Darren finished out his own birthday not being able to get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning! And on a school night, too.

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