Another Moving Day

After Darren’s birthday party, Cordelia and Darren were down to their last $250. Not even enough money to pay the rent on their apartment. Definitely not enough money to move house.

HOWEVER! Have you seen the Tiny Living Stuff Pack? I was able to resist until I made the mistake of clicking the “build” tag on the Sims sub-Reddit. So many amazing, adorable, brilliant, incredible tiny houses! I had to have it.

Let’s just say a distant relative died and left their tiny house to their sole remaining heirs, Cordelia and Darren. And just in time, because they were about to lose their apartment.

Cordelia and Darren packed up their few belongings (sadly, the gigantic “Dogs Playing Jenga” painting will have to remain in storage for now) and moved to Oasis Springs, into this fantastic tiny home.

Single Mom Micro Home in The Sims 4 Tiny Living stuff pack

This is the Single Mom Micro Home by creator AvelineYT. Check out her other builds, she does great work!

This cute little home features a lovely back patio with a small pool and an outdoor kitchen area for grillin’ and chillin’. The architecture really fits into the desert theme of Oasis Springs.

Back patio and swimming pool of a Sims 4 tiny house build from the Tiny Living stuff pack

Side note: I swear, my Sims move house almost as often as I do. I see people who play their whole entire legacy in the same house, and I’m always amazed. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just so different from my experience playing the exact same game. (I feel the same about people who spent their entire real lives in the same home. What is that even like?)

Here’s a look at the interior. Isn’t it the cutest? She managed to fit a ton of amenities into such a tiny space. I love it.

Interior of a Sims 4 tiny house build from the Tiny Living stuff pack

Of course, if you have ever moved house, you know it’s the WORST. It’s 100% fitting that Cordelia showed up at their new home exhausted, stinky, and in a foul mood.

Adult Sim in a bad mood due to being tired and having low hygiene.

Meanwhile, Darren’s back there looking pretty chipper! I suppose he must be excited to start school in a new town.

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