Let’s Talk Sims Fashion

So here we are, we’ve got the new house, we’re in the new town, ready to get started. And the first thing that happens is, Cordelia changes outfits into…. this…

A Sim wearing a very bad hot weather outfit

Okay, listen.

I don’t know where to start with this outfit.

Also, Cordelia is a trans woman, so I’m pretty sure this outfit qualifies as a hate crime.

I switched to Create-A-Sim and started perusing her outfits, and found that something weird had happened. As you might remember, my friend Erin styled Cordelia a while back, but somewhere along the line, all Cordelia’s outfits got scrambled.

Either that, or Erin is fucking with me.

Terrible Sims hot weather outfit

Are you kidding me with this???

As many of you know, I am absolutely terrible at choosing outfits for my Sims. Typically I hit Randomize until something shuffles up that catches my fancy, and I call it good. But this… this finally broke me.

Next thing you know, I’m googling things like cute summer outfits and best Sims 4 outfits, and three hours later I emerged with five full decent-looking (I hope) hot weather and everyday outfits.

Here are her hot weather looks:

Sims 4 hot weather female outfits

And the everyday ensembles:

Sims 4 everyday outfits for adult female Sims

And after all that… I was out of time to play for the day.

At least she’s looking a little more suited for her new job of Style Influencer.

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  1. These outfits are great! Much better than anything I can come up with when I don’t use cc!

    1. Thank you! I always sucked at picking Sim outfits, but it turns out once I figured out how to find ideas, I kind of enjoy it. Who knew?

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