Autumn in the Desert

Autumn arrived, and with it came thundershowers, rain, and even a little bit of snowfall. It didn’t stick, and the weather was hot the next day, but it was a nice change from the desert summer.

Per which, I had to put together five cold weather outfits for Cordelia.

Cute Sims 4 cold weather outfits

This felt like a bigger challenge than the everyday and hot weather outfits, there doesn’t seem to be as much variety in the cold weather clothes. That’s my reasoning for reusing the same sweater twice (in different colors, though).

I have to say… I’m coming around on the Sims fashion issue. I actually had fun doing this. The key is to spend a lot of time looking at other people’s outfits on the internet, and then building from there. Instead of rummaging through Create-A-Sim and trying to put together an outfit from the bewildering array of choices.

With that sorted, it was time to start playing. As part of her Style Influencer career, Cordelia often has daily tasks to interview other Sims about fashion. This is fantastic, because townie Sims wear the craziest random shit you’ve ever seen.

Townie sim in a weird outfit

“Hello sir, I see you’ve decided to pair a bright blue t-shirt with a red and yellow racing stripe, with what appears to be a Hawaiian shorts-and-hip-scarf combo, and topped it off with a pair of docksiders that don’t match anything else in your outfit. A bold choice, to be sure.”

Cordelia then invited this fellow Jay Adame inside. When she wasn’t looking, he knocked over her trash can, then made this face.

Sim with a creepy smile

What a little shit!

But Cordelia is hard up for friends, so I had her invite him to cloudgaze in the driveway for a while, and soon they were fast friends.

Two Sims cloudgazing in the driveway

One benefit to living in an ultra-tiny house is that you get HUGE increases to building relationships and skills. Because Cordelia and Darren live in a micro house, they get double relationship gains and double the skill gains while they are on the lot. Check out Carl’s guide for more info on this, it’s pretty sweet!

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