Freshman Woes

Darren Spline had a tough time adjusting to his freshman year at Foxbury Institute. With the Discover University expansion, each college term lasts 5 days. Your Sim needs to finish 12 courses to graduate. Your Sim can take a maximum of 4 classes.

The more classes your Sim takes, the harder it is. I decided to sign Darren up for three classes. Challenging, but not ultra-hardcore.

Sim doing college homework Discover University

One bright spot here is that, although your Sim has to pay tuition each term (for Darren, this is $787), he has $40,000 from selling the house after his mother died. So at least he doesn’t have to worry about finances.

Sims 4 Discover University common room at the dorms

The common room in the dorms is a nightmare. Here we have two piles of trash, three serving plates of food (one of which is rotten), the radio blaring salsa music, and someone playing violin badly. Also, it’s 2 a. m.

Sim working on digital painting presentation for Discover University

Darren worked on his presentation for his Digital Painting course. He did a poor job of it the first time through. Then you can ask other Sims to give you feedback on it. He got some feedback from his roommate. Based on that feedback, he was able to revise and improve it to an Excellent score.

Sim working on digital painting presentation for Discover University

I’m so proud of him!

One feature of university life is that people are constantly calling and texting to ask if you want to go out. I have to turn down most of these offers, due to logistical and scheduling issues.

However, when Darren’s dead mother called to ask if he wanted to check out the Romance Festival, I couldn’t pass that up.

Ghost sim

After their first post-mortem greeting, I had Darren ask Cordelia to pose for a selfie with him, since he has so few photos of her.

Selfie with a ghost sim


After taking the photo, Cordelia wandered off and got stuck somewhere (I never did find out where). Meanwhile, Darren stood at the painting canvas. But instead of painting, he just stood there being sad and staring off into space.

Sad Sim trying to paint

Back at school, things were starting to heat up. Darren’s sleep schedule slipped out of sync with his class schedule, so he’s operating in a constant state of exhaustion.

Sim eating goopy carbonara in the bathroom

Ever find a plate of pasta in your dorm room’s bathroom? Go ahead, eat it! It’s probably fine!

Sim using cell phone in the rain

In between classes, I caught Darren standing out in the rain, updating his social media feed. #relatable

Sim in an empty dorm

Later that day he got very lonely, but the dorm was empty. Everyone was either at class or asleep. So he just stood there for a while, then cleaned up some of the dishes and took a nap.

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