Academic Probation

When the end of Darren’s first term at the Foxbury Institute came around, I was so smug! I mean, I knew he hadn’t aced all his final exams and term papers. But I figured he would at least get a B in his classes.

Nope! Not even close. He got two Fs and a D.

Two college sims hanging out at the bar off campus

Aside from being straight up embarrassing, this meant that he only earned one course credit after taking three courses. (If you fail a class, you don’t get credit for it.)

Sim doing a keg stand Discover University

Feeling sheepish, I only enrolled Darren in two courses for his second term.

Sim doing a keg stand Discover University

And I made sure he finished all his homework first, before having fun.

Discover University sim doing college homework

Although it’s a little hard to study when your dorm mates come into your room and just, like… stare at you for hours at a time.

Satisfied Sims 4 gnomes

Harvest Festival hit in the middle of the term. Darren’s only goal for the festival was to satisfy gnomes, since all the other goals can’t be done in a university dorm.

Thank you once again to the Under the Plumbob Podcast for this handy infographic on what gnomes want! At least ONE THING went right this term.

Sim locked out of his own dorm

I had a weird glitch this week. Darren couldn’t enter his own dorm. Any time I tried to make him go home, he just stood outside the door and complained.

I sent him to another lot, and when he came back, he was able to enter his dorm again.

I call this the “jiggle the handle” method of troubleshooting technology. It works surprisingly well. (I spent the better part of a decade as a Linux/Unix sysadmin.)

Sim yarnbombing college statue

This week I learned that Sims can yarnbomb the statue in the middle of campus! I was pretty excited, since I kind of started that whole thing.

Yarnbombed statue The Sims 4

Does this mean that I’m in The Sims 4? Because it feels like this means I’m in The Sims 4.

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    1. I’m so sad you can only yarnbomb a single object! Maybe with that upcoming Arts & Crafts stuff pack, they will let us yarn bomb other things?

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