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After getting such bad grades last term, this time I had Darren buckle down and study properly. I made sure he did all his assigned homework, studied for his final exam, and prepared his final paper.

And… he flunked out.

Not gonna lie; that was a bummer.

Discover University Sims playing juice pong

After one last game of juice pong, Darren packed his few belongings and left campus.

I am totally hooked on the Tiny Living pack. If you live in a Micro Home (32 tiles) the perks bonuses you get are AMAZING.

I downloaded a Tiny Living house from the Gallery, spent a solid two hours getting the exterior and landscaping just right, then discovered that the build was completely unusable. Darren refused to use the front door, and I couldn’t figure out why.

In a fit of pique, I bulldozed the lot, and started building my own micro home. I modeled it on a prefab tiny home I found for sale online. I liked the clean, Ikea-style aesthetic and modern look.

Sims 4 Tiny Living micro home

I gave the home a haphazard bachelor-style fire pit in the back yard where you can have a weenie roast with your friends, a cute little nook that’s just the right size for a love seat, a full kitchen, and a suspiciously bright green front yard.

And unlike most tiny homes I found on the Gallery, this one has no CC, doesn’t use cheats, and even has room for a double bed! Aww yeah!

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