What’s Simlish for “Like, Click, and Subscribe”?

After Darren flunked out of college and moved into a tiny home, I wondered where he should go from here. The answer was obvious: He should try to become a famous vlogger!

Sim video editing bay

The Media Production skill lets any Sim try to make it big as a vlogger. All you have to do is buy the More Views Video Station and start recording.

I was just barely able to squeeze the video station into his tiny home.

Sim trying to become a famous vlogger

After recording video, Sims can edit and upload the video for Fame points. Or not… sometimes when you edit a video, you just make it worse. (Hashtag relatable.)

Sim editing video on the Video Production skill

When his Fun dropped too low, I sent him to the lounge in town to cut loose, play some unsolicited acoustic guitar, etc. I was excited when it seemed like he was famous enough that the paparazzi wanted to snap his photograph!

Sims 4 paparazzi

Alas, they were actually snapping pictures of that dude in the black suit with the blond 90s skater boi undercut. Womp womp.

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