The Insufferable Duo

Having lost a bunch of time to Darren’s failed attempt at university, I decided to take the extraordinary (for me) step of building a Sim to be his partner. Meet Cooper, a lifestyle vlogger and aspiring actress.

Sims 4 selfie with another sim

For Cooper’s outfits, I read up on Gen Z fashion trends. Then I ignored all of that in favor of browsing the Forever 21 website and copying as many looks as I could.

Sims 4 winter fashion for a young adult female Sim
Cooper’s winter looks
Sims 4 party fashion for a young adult female Sim
Her party outfits. She’s quirky(tm)!
Sims 4 hot weather fashion for a young adult female Sim
Hot weather styles
Sims 4 everyday fashion for a young adult female Sim
And finally, her everyday outfits

Cooper and Darren hit it off right away. She has the Hot-Headed, Kleptomaniac, and Self-Absorbed traits.

Darren researched trends and discovered that makeup tutorials were trending, so he knocked one out.

How much do you love that the game lets male Sims do makeup tutorials without a second thought? I have so much love for this game!

While Darren recorded his makeup tutorial, Cooper toasted marshmallows for dinner in the open fire pit in the back yard. Moschino sweater and all.

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