I Guess She’s A Mommy Vlogger Now

Things started out festive, with a Winterfest celebration complete with Father Winter showing up to hand out presents and hang out for a while. If he minded spending time in their cramped tiny home, he didn’t say anything.

Sim chatting with Father Winter

Cooper even got a selfie with Father Winter! I’m jealous.

sim selfie with Santa Claus (Father Winter)

Cooper and Darren are getting along great, despite her constant need for attention and reassurance. (Girl, same.)

Confident Sim

The tiny home boosts and the Romantic lot trait did their job, and Cooper and Darren soon shared their first kiss.

Sims having a first kiss

And you know what comes next!

Sims woohoo in bed

Cooper and Darren were really taking off as vloggers. Between the two of them, they are earning almost $1,000 a day on residual income from their videos.

I used some of that money as a capital investment on better lighting for their video production station.

Sim using key lights at the video production station

I also bought a drone, which I lost within the day. (Sent it out to record the neighborhood and it never came back. Apparently this is a thing.)

Sim with the nicer drone

So I bought the nicer drone, and renamed it, and crossed my fingers this one wouldn’t get lost as easily.

Note: I lost it two days later, when I forgot to put it in Cooper’s inventory before sending her home from the bar. I have chosen to think of drones as “consumable items.”

Pregnant Sim running for the bathroom

Soon, Cooper was pregnant and miserable. She had a lot of trouble with morning sickness, and constantly had to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW.

Then it was time for the big event! I’m not sure I’ve ever actually had a baby in The Sims 4. If I did, I must have had a home birth, because the process of giving birth in the hospital was new to me.

Sim about to give birth at the hospital

Cooper laid down inside the big machine, which whirred and fussed and eventually used its robot arms to extract a baby from her belly through the ports on the side. Just like real life!

Sim having a baby at the hospital

And here he is, the newest Spline, little baby Elliot!

Mom Sim picking up her brand new baby

How in the WORLD am I going to fit a crib into their tiny home? Do they have enough money to move to a bigger place? Stay tuned to find out!

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