New House, New Life

Hi friends! I don’t know about you, but I have been very grateful for video games during the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve mostly been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons since it was released last Friday. (My Nintendo friendcode is SW-3496-9495-8978 if you want to be Animal Crossing friends.) However, I do have a few updates for you on the Splines family.

SIDEBAR: Is there a Sims 4 pandemic challenge? There should be! Rules include: You have to grow your own food, no one can take a job that involves leaving the house, and you can’t visit any other lots. Hmm, on second thought, let’s not do that. It sounds like a huge bummer.

The first thing I did was buy them a new home. Cooper and Darren are earning about $3,000 a day from their combined vlog residuals (very realistic), and they had saved up enough to buy a decent house. I picked Inner Circle, which is a Southern California style starter home.

Southern california style Sim home

The satillo tile in particular strikes a chord with me.

Female Sim recording a vlog in a southern california style home

I don’t know why I’m nostalgic for Southern California… I only lived there for two years, and I was very excited to move back to the Pacific Northwest.

Sim mother breastfeeding her baby

I haven’t had a Sim baby in so long, I didn’t know Sim mothers could breastfeed! I love this.

Cooper got an invitation from Father Winter (in his everyday incognito persona, Avery Schmitt) to join him for – this is how the game described it – “Bear Night at the bar.” ?

Sims 4 bear night at the bowling alley

I don’t know what I expected.

That’s Avery Schmitt/Father Winter there in the orange leather pants, by the way.

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