Let’s Have a Wedding!

Cooper and Darren are expecting a second baby! I love how she’s like, “Tada!”

Pregnant Sim announcing her pregnancy to her partner

While they were busy growing their careers as influencers and vloggers, little Elliott grew into a toddler.

Toddler Sim

He looks pretty cute so far. We’ll see.

I decided it was time for these two to finally tie the knot. I had Darren take Cooper to a beautiful tropical beach in Sulani to propose. (Obviously, he streamed it with their drone.)

Sims 4 wedding proposal on the beach

She said yes! Now came the tricky part. I have yet to successfully hold a wedding at a venue in The Sims 4.

In looking for tips, I found this article by Grant Rodiek on a Sims 4 wedding destination. I had overlooked this park in San Myshuno, not realizing that Myshuno Meadows was designed for hosting weddings. Perfect!

Myshuno Meadows park in The Sims 4

The ceremony itself went off without a hitch. (Naturally, they streamed the whole thing.)

Sims 4 wedding

Slight problem with the caterers I hired. And the bartender. And the musical talent. None of those people arrived, so everyone was bored and hungry.

Also a slight problem with the cake. I had Darren bake a regular white cake and put it in his inventory to bring it to the event. Not only does the game not consider this a wedding cake; it went rotten while the ceremony was taking place.

Myshuno Meadows has a big, beautiful indoor venue, which was handy, because it was pouring rain. But there were no drinks, no entertainment, and the only food was spoiled cake.

In other words, a pretty typical Sim wedding.

They shared a passionate kiss behind the (empty, bartender-less) bar.

Then the bride and groom were tired, so they wandered off to sleep on separate couches.

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