As a life-long Horse Girl, I was stoked for the Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack. I was so excited for the new map, Chestnut Ridge, but I just finished building the perfect house in Oasis Springs. For the first time ever, I decided to move a whole entire house to a new lot. I was surprised how well the migration worked. Everything transferred over, Meat Wall and all!

sims 4 chestnut ridge

I built a small paddock on the side of the house, and Henry had his first experience with barn chores.

sims 4 fill trough

Next I agonized over which horse to adopt. You can adopt a rescue horse for $250, or buy a new horse for $1,000.

In the end, I went with my heart. I picked Chestnut, an elderly Anglo-Arabian mare with behavioral issues. Perfect choice for a family with a young child and zero horse experience!

sims 4 horse ranch

It’s confusing she’s named Chestnut, since she’s not chestnut. I don’t know what coat color that is, actually. Bay roan? Grullo? Hard to say in this light.

sims 4 horse ranch red tail ribbon

I couldn’t figure out how to change her mane style, but I took off that random saddle blanket. I left the red wrap on her tail, though. Given her behavioral issues, it seemed like a wise choice.

sims 4 horse ranch

Now it’s time to turn little Henry into a Horse Boy! (Is that a thing? Horse Boy?)

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