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I found this great Sims 4 idea on Reddit: Create a family museum and use it to document each generation.

sims 4 take a selfie with

First I needed something to put in the museum. None of my current Sims do anything usefully curatorial, so I had Morgan take a selfie with Charlotte. I also found two poor-quality fish in their inventory, which I mounted for display.

sims 4 family museum

It’s a good start! I’m looking forward to adding items and expanding the museum for future generations. Right now it’s a little sad.

sims 4 family museum

To create your own Sims 4 museum:

  1. Go to Manage Worlds.
  2. Choose the lot you want to build on. I went with a lot in Newcrest because I’ve never used that map for anything.
  3. Set the lot type to “Generic.”
    • This enables your Sims to place items from their inventory.
    • It also discourages random Sims from visiting.
    • Tip: If you want to hold an event there, first change the venue type to “Bar.”

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