Woohoo Don Lothario: The Sims Checklist Challenge

When I heard about The Sims “24 for 24” Checklist Challenge I knew I had to give it a try. EA had me at “checklist.”

sims checklist challenge 24 for 24

I’m a little behind, since it’s already mid-February. But the first challenge sounded easy: “Woohoo Don Lothario.” Don Lothario is the original Sims F-boy. How hard could it be?

I picked Charlotte Spline for this one. I haven’t done much with Charlotte, aside from using her as a free in-home babysitter. This sounded like a nice break for her.

sims checklist challenge don lothario

Just as Charlotte was about to make her move, Katrina Caliente started a fire in the backyard barbecue. What a mood-killer!

sims 4 checklist challenge backyard barbecue fire

Getting Don Lothario into the sack (or the hot tub, as the case may be) took more work than I expected. I forgot how much harder it is to get someone to woohoo in The Sims 4. But in the end, Charlotte prevailed!

sims checklist challenge don lothario hot tub

Oh my! Charlotte, you naughty thing! (I hope you keep that hot tub clean. Gross.)

sims checklist challenge don lothario hot tub

Way to get the job done, girl! I checked my first checklist item, and we’re on to the next.

sims Checklist challenge update

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