Have Twins or Triplets: The Sims Checklist Challenge

Once again, the next Sims “24 While 24” Checklist Challenge item was easier than I thought. Just like making friends with the Grim Reaper, having twins was simple.

I bought Morgan the Satisfaction Reward Trait “Fertile” and added the Lot Trait “Ley Line.” trait to Then I ordered a Science Baby for Morgan, and check it out! Twins on the first try!

sims 4 twins

Thirteen years ago (Thirteen years??? Holy crap. Time flies!), a commenter suggested I pick my Sims’ band name by choosing a random Wikipedia article. If it worked that well for a band name, how about baby names?

So please welcome baby Guy and his twin brother, Ust-Buzulukskaya.

The arrival of twins was about the breaking point for this lot. Adding Guy and Ust-Buzulukskaya brought the total number of residents to five Sims, three mini sheep (one of which is pink), two horses, and two mini goats. Add to this the daily arrival of a ranch hand, a maid, a grab bag of random visitors, and two Roombas, and you’ve got yourself an excellent recipe for lag.

sims 4 holiday chaos

There’s a joke that “girls will buy a $2000 computer that has the power of a space station, then use it to play The Sims.” But I’m like, do you know how much computational power it takes to render this game? I have a reasonably robust gaming computer, but this situation made it cry.

sims 4 holiday chaos

Henry was starting to feel the same way. He kept getting this negative moodlet:

sims 4 familial distress negative moodlet


Henry was close to graduating high school and ready to become a Young Adult. He was doing well, and I wanted to start using him for the Checklist Challenge. But neither of us could stand another minute on this chaotic, crowded lot.

sims 4 tiny home

I moved him out into a tiny home of his own, right next door to his family. Did you know teens could move out on their own?

sims 4 homework in tiny home

Henry seemed to enjoy the peace, and so did I.

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