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Jacket Pocket

I took Del’s suggestion for choosing band names, went to the main Wikipedia page and clicked “random article.” So the Splinetastics have been renamed Jacket Pocket.

Jacket Pocket got off to a rocky start. First, Tyler wasn’t able to get any sleep because his daughter kept playing the drums. (Pity that the drum kit is set up right next to his bed.)

Then Parker had a wish to earn §25 in tips for playing the guitar. A measly §25, but he still didn’t get his wish.

He played his little heart out, but not a single soul even walked by.

Once he got some sleep, Tyler I guess decided to learn how to play the drums. I found him drumming away, with a happy little Sim smile.

Here’s the video I promised of the composition your Sim can learn titled “Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr.” It doesn’t really sound like the original, but it’s a cute in-joke.

I had a terrible time with people walking up and making noises and generally interrupting his performance. So I had him trek all the way to Simhenge for the recording!

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