Gardening Woes

I’ve heard that within a few days of forming a band, you should get an opportunity to play a gig. The days pass, and opportunity doesn’t knock call.

Tyler and Parker are getting pretty good, though! They sharpen their skills by jamming in the park.

Parker got an opportunity to earn some celebrity points if he ordered a particular drink at the vampire club. He doesn’t look very happy with the Hank Venture outfit I selected for him!

Speaking of unenthusiastic Sims, Bertha had a somewhat inexplicable wish to join the Law Enforcement career. So I joined her up.

“My wish has been fulfilled. Hooray.”

The garden is going well.

It’s reaching the point where it requires two Sims to garden in order to finish everything in a day. I learned that it doesn’t work well to send two Sims out at the same time. They kept trying to do the same thing to the same plants, and bumping into each other.

How do you hard-core gardeners handle this?

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