Unlock the Grilled Cheese Aspiration: The Sims Checklist Challenge

This Sims “24 While 24” Checklist Challenge was super easy! To unlock the secret Grilled Cheese Aspiration, your Sim has to make and eat three grilled cheese sandwiches in a row.

sims 4 grilled cheese sandwich

They look so delicious! Every time my Sim makes a grilled cheese, I crave one in real life. But I have celiac disease, and I’m lactose-intolerant, and trust me, a gluten-free, dairy-free grilled cheese sandwich is… a thing you can eat. That’s the best I can say about it.

Anyway, ever since Henry moved out, Joaquin Le Chien has been all up in Henry’s business. I’ll be honest: I forgot Joaquin was Henry’s father! I remembered Morgan had Henry as a Science Baby, but I forgot he included Joaquin’s genetics.

sims 4 dad dialogue

This dialogue pop-up doesn’t feel great, does it? For one thing, Joaquin did not put all his “love and effort” into raising Henry. He tried to drown baby Henry in the backyard, then ignored baby Henry for hours at a time.

Henry Spline being stalked by his father Joaquin Le Chien

Henry went for a walk, and I spotted something in the background.

Henry Spline being stalked by his father Joaquin Le Chien

Is Joaquin Le Chien stalking his son Henry now? This game is giving me an unsettled feeling.

Sims 24 while 24 checklist challenge

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